Cave Moderne is the debut full-length LP by The God in Hackney released in an edition of 300 copies on translucent orange vinyl. The album will be released digitally in July 2014.

Cave Moderne is prehistoric-future music by Andy Cooke, Dan Fox, Ashley Marlowe & Nathaniel Mellors; a concept album set in the contemporary Neolithic. It features chants, drums, guitars, synths, shells, earth, teeth, bits of tree & crap music apps – this is the soundtrack to our contemporary cave life.

The God in Hackney incorporates present and former members of Skill 7 Stamina 12 (Junior Aspirin), Socrates that practices music (Junior Aspirin), Charlottefield (Fat Cat), Imitation Electric Piano (Duophonic), Advanced Sportswear (Junior Aspirin), Conemelt (Sabres of Paradise) and Big Legs (Junior Aspirin). Live shows have included the Centre Pompidou, Paris, Performa11, New York and the ICA, London.


“The God in Hackney rock the heavy Neolithic vibe.” Lester Pursky (Sounds)


A.1 Co-Terminus
A.2 Carbon Date (Shed)
A.3 Shoofar
A.4 Holt-Jamara
A.5 General Introduction

B.1 Sur la Piste des Bêtes Ignorées
B.2 Cave Metaphor
B.3 Family Life
B.4 Designer Caveman
B.5 General of The Internet (Heavy Neolithic Vibe)
B.6 Thank You For Travelling to the UK Today

All words by Mellors / Cooke except A.5, B.2, B.4 & B.5 by Mellors and B.3 by Fox.
Recorded by Andy Cooke at Them Usem in Hampshire & Brompton. Arrangement, production and mixing by The God in Hackney.
LP design by Chris Bloor. Original ‘Sophisticated Neanderthal’ (d)evolution of Patrick Kennedy by Olivia Mole.