1. Moonlighting
2. Cut to Haircut
3. Movie Night
4. New York Old Feeling

Dan Fox: clarinet, guitar, keyboards, vocals

Recorded in New York City, 2012
Mastered by Andy Cooke
ASP 024 © Dan Fox / Junior Aspirin Records 2013


“One question, Mr President: can we mud-wrestle here?”

Junior Aspirin Records is pleased to announce the release of a new four-track EP by Dan Fox. Recorded at home in New York, the EP follows up on Fox’s 2009 album for Junior Aspirin Records, ‘Easy Sneezing at the Century’.

Listening to Fox’s latest EP, the educated ear will fail to detect references to ABC, OMD, COB, ELO, XTC, X-TG, DNA, DFA, DAF or any other names you care to drop; references are for footnotes and job applications. Rather, these four tracks soft-shoe shuffle between genres of middlebrow adult rock, Russo-Inuit fusion-lite, and the mating sounds of one million randy cicadas emerging above ground for the first time in 17 years; the music conjuring images such as a ‘cut along dotted line’ neck tattoo or the sight of your ex-lover padding through an exclusive Swiss sanitorium in a soft towelling robe. Limning the triangular no-fly zone between amateurism, sentimentality and environmental irresponsibility, Fox’s music rigorously avoids the cocktail party circuit and large groups of people, preferring instead to remain resolutely stand-offish to some, yet warm and personable to others.

The EP is the 24th release on Junior Aspirin Records, and is available as a free download HERE.

Dan Fox lives in New York, USA. He currently plays in the bands Big Legs and God in Hackney, and is, along with Andy Cooke and Nathaniel Mellors, co-founder of Junior Aspirin Records. Fox has played with outfits including Skill 7 Stamina 12, Norwegian Lady, Mysterius Horse, Big Red and Advanced Sportswear, and with Andy Cooke and Tom Cobbe he performed with and co-produced Invisible Polytechnic’s 2011 recording of ‘In C’ by Terry Riley. Recent solo releases include contributions to ‘True Mirror Microfiche/Double AA Side’ (DS al Coda, New York, 2011); ‘The Crystal Flowers of Florine Stettheimer’ (Mathew Records, Berlin, 2012); a cover of Arthur Russell’s ‘A Little Lost’ (Junior Aspirin, 2012); ‘Bruce, Imperial’ for the exhibition ‘Soundworks’ at the ICA London; and produced Junior Aspirin Records’  ‘Audio Annotations’ listening sessions for The Serving Library at The Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada and Artists Space, New York. He is co-editor of frieze magazine, and has recently written sleeve notes for ‘Desertshore/The Final Report’ by X-TG, and ‘You’re Human Like the Rest of Them: The Films of BS Johnson’ for the British Film Institute.

‘One question, Mr President: who do you moonlight for?’

ASP 024