Small Country Eclipse is the second LP from The God in Hackney released in an edition of 250, on translucent orange and black vinyl.

The God in Hackney was formed in 2003 by Andy Cooke and Nathaniel Mellors. They were joined in 2014 by Dan Fox and Ashley Marlowe for the band’s first album, ‘Cave Moderne,’ described by Mike Watt as “most compelling… like Gumby clay.” Marlowe and Mellors previously recorded as Conemelt for Andrew Weatherall’s Sabres of Paradise label, and with Fox in the bands Skill 7 Stamina 12 and Advanced Sportswear, Junior Aspirin Records labelmates with Cooke’s Socrates that practices music. ’The Adjoiner’ is taken from the band’s second LP, ‘Small Country Eclipse’, released this autumn on JAR.

Side A

Queen’s Disco
The Pub Machine
Hello Boys
The Adjoiner
Proxima (Small Country Eclipse)

Side B

Side of a Square
3 Recordings
7-11 Car Park
Crumble & Collapse

Andy Cooke – vocals, lyrics, synthesizers, piano, guitars, fire extinguisher.
Dan Fox – piano, trombone, guitar, other musicians, voice, cello.
Ashley Marlowe – the drum kit, guitar, pedals, keyboards.
Nathaniel Mellors – vocals, lyrics, synthesizers, guitars, cello, dubbings.
All songs written, performed & arranged by The God in Hackney.

The backing vocals for ‘Side of a Square’ were performed by Siena and Cala MBC. On ‘The Pub Machine’ the horn section was devised, arranged and performed by Kelly Pratt. The saxophone parts heard on ‘Crumble & Collapse’ were written and performed by Eve Essex who also sang the backing vocals. Saxophone arrangements by Dan Fox.

‘Small Country Eclipse’ was recorded and engineered by Andy Cooke at Them Usem in Hampshire, UK and Nathaniel Mellors at Working Classics, Los Angeles. Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.

The album artwork was conceived and designed by Chris Bloor of Red Cottage in the North Ridings of Yorkshire.


!!!! PRE ORDER !!!! 12″ Vinyl Orange and Black Eclipse Vinyl will be released 01 June 2020