Limited 12″ Vinyl LP

The Race Against Time Hots Up is a big-time return to songwriting from Country Teasers’ frontman Ben ‘The Rebel’ Wallers. Wallers’ albums are always something to be savoured – but skewed, experimental, sardonic pop music is his metier and The Race Against Time Hots Up is up there with his best albums (such as cult favourites ‘Prawns’ and ‘Satan Is Real Again’). Check out the songs ‘Tyme’, ‘Colaboration’, ‘Adam, Eve, Mary and Fumeha or ‘Keen Air for Chasseur John’ – in fact check all tracks, this album is pop-chock-stock full o’ goodies from the renegade master.

This record follows Country Teasers’ last album W.O.A.R. (Holy Mountain Records, 2009) and Junior Aspirin Records’ release of The Rebel – The  Incredible Hulk (2010).


Side A
2. Tyme
3. These Things Shall Mark
4. Colaboration
5. J-Lo Green A1
6. To the Future or to the Past: Greetings!
7. My Mor[p]hine, by G. WelchSide B
a. My Morhine 2
b. Maureen
c. Adam, Eve, Mary and Fumeha
d. J-Lo Green B
e. M & S
f. Keen Air for Chasseur John

Interviewed by his manager Tony Pearson for this press release, The Rebel wrote the following press release on behalf of his great friends over there at JUNIOR ASPIRIN, a record label who really appreciate THE REBEL and take h** seriously.

TP: “You said once that you thought experimental music was a bit too difficult?”

[a symbol which lokks a bit like a swastika]: “Yes that’s right. At the time, i was sort of striving if you like to get i mean achieve a decent pop song, the discipline in which i had discided to operate in, since when i startd, in Pop, that was oooohhhhh [sucks air between teeth} 89.”

TP: “Is your new album, ‘The Race Against Time Hots Up’, in many ways a response to your previous album, ‘The Incredible Hulk’?

\+_:  That’s right. I tried well not very hard to do an album which would be unpleasant to listen to, a bit like when David Banner [not Bruce: see early comics, and the TV series] says “Con’t make me angry; can you turn that music down please; you won’t like me if i get angry and bloody smash your radio, would you!” So once i had Got that out of my system, i thought Come on now Benedict knuckle down and get back to trying hard to make Pop music.

TP: Gosh! It’s a bit stupid hearing you say you try to make Pop music! Isn’t that like David Bowie saying he makes Tall music? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

TP: Oh right! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! or or or or Peabo Bryson saying he’s made love with Roberta Flack! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

>”_=: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! During ‘Tonight I Celebrate My Love’, you mean! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

TP: Yes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ‘Tonight -” [sings] “-I celebrate -”

,=’_: “…My love; for yoooooooooou…!” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

TP: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

>[+_: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

TP: Could you talk a little about the new record?

+]|_: Well I really wanted to do a record that would get me back on the ‘straight and narrow’. which i meantersay Pip old chap you know, melodies, verse-chorus-middle eight, proper lyrics with rhymes, maybe a bit of a story here and there. Most importantly, live drums.

TP: This interview, which started out boring, has reached an ecstatic boring-climax: shall we abort it?