The God in Hackney’s LP, ‘Small Country Eclipse’ reflects on the perils of nationalism, eschatological cannibalism and experimental popular music. ‘Small Country Eclipse’ follows their debut ‘Cave Moderne’ which Andrew Weatherall charted as his number one album of the year for NTS Radio and which Thurston Moore and Byron Coley described as “a very swell blob of UK art-rock of a deeply friend nature”.

1. Queen’s Disco – recasts Kate Middleton as Yoko Ono, i.e. do what thou wilt but NEVER EVER EAT MY CRISPS.

2. The Pub Machine – Neo-pagan SUN_WORSHIP in advance of neo- terrorism during a post-Brexit all-nighter following a good old-fashioned lock-in preceding a revisionist hangover (3 days).

3. Hello Boys – Sugar for the avant-garde… prooop!

4. The Adjoiner – depicts a cannibal restaurant at the end of the western socio-economic structure.

5. Proxima – dying stars and how to work from home during the apocalypse.

6. Side of a Square – imploding sovereignty; the geometry of INDEPENDENCE.

7. 3 Recordings – drunken teenage snoggery leading directly to SATAN.

8. 7 – 11 Car Park. The pathetic moderne; a car-park in which to weep.

9. Crumble & Collapse – building beats body.

“The God In Hackney’s ‘Cave Moderne’ is most compelling to me, having played part-near every track on my radio show as one indicator, and another being what I’m writing here. I feel ‘mind movies’ when I hear this album, I trip when I hear this album… Like ‘gumby’ clay, I very much recommend this album.” – Mike Watt

“Small Country Eclipse is ridiculously good – pop meets ‘Camberwell Now’.” Stuart Souter

A limited number of LPs (250) are available on special edition orange and black eclipse colored vinyl.

Thurston Moore described The God in Hackney as “A very swell blob of UK art-rock.” Their forthcoming album “Small Country Eclipse” was recently picked up by Steve Lamacq on BBC RADIO 6 MUSIC. The Stooges / Minutemen’s Mike Watt is also a fan. The band will be on his Watt from Pedro Show in late October to promote the album.